Who We Are

PaliTutor provides education support to students in daily homework activities, special assignments and projects and in subject areas of challenging or special interest. Our program is designed to motivate young students to become stronger classroom performers and to excel as innovative and creative thinkers. read more

What We Do

PaliTutor provides private instructional services that support and enhance classroom learning and participation. Each student is immersed into a customized learning program based on the student’s level and need. We work closely with classroom teachers as well as parents to ensure measurable results. read more

How We Do It

PaliTutor’s Enrichment Learning Program ® identifies the specific learning demands of K – 12 students and works with them at each developmental stage to provide a balanced learning regimen. Our curriculum is based on encouraging students to take full advantage of the material learned in the classroom and guiding students to more creative levels of thinking and learning. read more

How To Get Started

Please feel free to contact us at any time so that we may provide you with any information or assistance that you may need. PaliTutor is available Monday through Friday between 2pm – 9pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am – 6pm during the academic school year. read more