Reptile Day

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The Reptile Family visited Logan’s preschool today.  Each python, tortoise, iguana and more were met with squeals, screams and hand-raising.  The kids loved this and I must say Lutheran Preschool really treats our kids to a lot of special days.


Bopha, Tanner and Logan holding a python


Alex and Logan lookin’ at frogs


Me holding an Australian Carpet Python
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Here are two photos that Alden took of Logan and me riding our vintage bikes along the beach yesterday.



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Click photo to visit Umami Photography
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Disneyland really is the happiest place on Earth.  Today we celebrated my birthday with a “Pinocchio hamburger candle cake,” Mickey Mouse bubbles and ears, goodie bags and cotton candy all treated by my sister who planned such a terrific day for us.  Logan and Olivia had a wonderful time on so many rides and after a brief debate my sister and I decided not to leave Logan in charge of Olivia riding Pirates of the Caribbean while we rode Space Mountain.  Next time!


Logan and Me spinning on the Teacups


Megan and Olivia waiting for Dumbo


Megan, Goofy and Me


Megan, Olivia, Logan and Me
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Logan woke up early today (when doesn’t he?) to help make brownies for my baby shower.  We had to make a batch of chocolate-dipped pink-sprinkled marshmallows too, but those didn’t last long enough for a photo. Yum!


Did grandma make that apron for Logan?


Crack this!
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