1200 swimmers gathered at Hermosa Beach Pier to swim a 2-mile race to the Manhattan Beach Pier.  Race day begins pretty early but Logan was excited by the race activity and Marlo was a curious doll.  While Alden warmed up we found a new set of swings until it was time for us to trek to the pier for a good photo angle of the starting line.  Guess what was missing from the camera- the battery of course.  Told ya race day began early and with two kids it was easily overlooked.  We had a great spot from the pier and watched as the swimmers raced by.  With baby in her carrier and Logan in the double stroller we jogged two miles to the Manhattan Pier hoping to beat the first swimmer out of the water.  The support and encouragement from family and friends at the finish line is wonderful.  Everyone cheers and hoots at the sight of a swim cap hoping it’s their swimmer.  Thankfully I met Todd.  He has raced 13 times but took a break this summer to be a photographer for his pals.  How lucky was I to meet such a helpful guy!  Swimmers raced in, caught final waves, sprinted up the sand and we cheered them all on!

Here are some photos taken by Todd Mittleman.


Men’s Starting Line




Photo by Surf Festival



A little bit of yarn goes a long way.  Carol crocheted Marlo new hats for her to wear on the cool summer evenings.  This one is an homage to the first hat made by Heather, but with a new style of pom-poms.  We love these hats!


Almost 4 months old