Amy Carmel Barranco is the founder of PaliTutor. She is a Native Californian of Mescalero Apache ancestry. Her mother is of full Apache descent and her Great Grandmother was born on the Mescalero Apache Reservation in 1904.


In 2001, Amy created the Native Art Studio to support the art and livelihood of Native Artists. Proceeds from purchases are used to support Native Artists in their pursuit to preserve and continue the unprecedented tradition of Native Indian jewelry and adornment. Jewelry designs are currently on exhibit at the Southwest Museum of the American Indian and can also be viewed at

Amy is happiest traveling and exploring nature with her young son and family.

Teaching Experience

Amy began her career in education at the age of fourteen. She spent her summer vacations volunteering in classrooms on various Pueblo Reservations throughout the Southwestern United States.

At nineteen, Amy began teaching English at Bishop Mora Salesian High School, an all-boys Catholic school in an impoverished community of East Los Angeles. Thereafter, she worked with the Autry Museum of Western Heritage as part of Mervyn’s Moving Mission, a mobile learning project promoting cultural awareness of the history of California Missions to fourth graders throughout Southern California.

Amy returned to teaching in the hopes of increasing literacy and writing in an academically challenged sector of South Central Los Angeles. Her most recent teaching position was as a first grade teacher’s assistant at Palisades Charter Elementary School. The positive enthusiasm at Pali Elementary and a new hope for learning motivated Amy to strengthen young students with an individualized learning program that could propel them to newer and higher levels of creative thinking.


After graduating from St. Joseph’s Catholic Girls High School in 1996, Amy was accepted under full scholarship to the University of California Los Angeles where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology and American Indian Studies.

While an undergraduate at UCLA, Amy was the recipient of a J. Paul Getty Museum Grant. She was a Multicultural Undergraduate Intern with the J. Paul Getty Museum. She worked as an archaeologist conducting intense archaeological surveying, surfacing, and excavation throughout culturally historical sites in Malibu, the Santa Monica Mountains, and Ranchos Palos Verdes.

Amy received a second grant from the J. Paul Getty Museum to work with the Santa Monica Mountains National Park Service. She supervised the Satwiwa Native Cultural Center and worked with a team of archaeologists to preserve cultural material remains and transcribed oral histories of past and present tribal elders.

Amy returned to UCLA in 2002 to pursue a Master’s Degree in American Indian Studies. While attending school she worked as a Curatorial Assistant with the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History. She was responsible for the preservation, conservation, and interpretation of the museum’s archaeological collections.

Amy is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education at California State University Los Angeles. _________________________________________________________________

The PaliTutor Difference

Nothing strikes more at the heart of a child’s self esteem then when they do not understand or feel confused. It is when a child’s self esteem is low, when they feel left out, that learning becomes increasingly difficult for them. Behavioral issues arise in the classroom and at home. Going to school becomes a chore.

When a child falls behind in class, the real detriment to his/her education comes not only the from time spent trying to catch up but from what is being missed as the class progresses. Rather than feeling confident to focus on new material, the student is often distracted by what they have not understood. And as teachers are obligated to divide their time evenly amongst their students, many questions go unanswered.

Typically, it is only after a student falls behind that tutors are sought out and consulted. Sometimes the need is not recognized until it is too late and the consequences become serious to the student’s academic progress. This is reactionary and an approach that often fails.

At PaliTutor, we take a more proactive approach. By working with your child weekly, our program is designed not only to clarify what was taught, but to prepare your child to absorb as much of what will be taught in the classroom as possible. We develop the skills and academic strengths that prepare your child not only for the class day ahead, but to establish a foundation by which your child’s future academic success is ensured.

Our Enrichment Learning Program ®

As parents, we want our children to benefit from the time they spend in the classroom, to fully experience and excel in the academic environment that we have worked hard to provide.

PaliTutor’s Enrichment Learning Program ® is designed to do just that. After a careful assessment of your child’s academic strengths and needs, we create a customized learning program designed to lift your child to new levels of learning.

Our Tutors

The qualifications and quality of our tutors is one of our highest priorities. We recognize that teaching is a talent unto itself and that teaching effectively to all levels and abilities is a rare gift.
That’s why we go to great lengths to seek out and recruit not only university students and graduates that are specialists in their fields but also tutors that have an unique ability to teach to young children.

While many tutoring services hire “trained” and “qualified” instructors through on-line classifieds, PaliTutor actively recruits undergraduates, graduates and professional teachers on campus at some of southern California’s most prestigious universities. Each tutor is required to provide proof of qualifications and undergoes a screening process and background check before meeting with your child and entering your home.