June 8, 2009

Beach Party

The beach is always more fun with a lot of friends.  To bring the year to a close Logan’s preschool began the week with a beach party.  The kids had a great time burying each other, playing frisbee, and “sand sledding”.  A new lil bud, blossom shall I say, has joined the school and she is just a perfectly sweet friend for Logan and Chloe.  Logan is enamored by her pigtails and considering his admiration with Pippi Longstocking who can blame him.  Welcome Elsa you are quite a doll and much cuter than Pippi!


Little Miss Elsa


Logan and Chloe the beach pros


“Sand Sledding”


Logan and Chloe sand sledding


Logan and Chloe waiting for a ride


Elsa and Logan

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