With only three weeks to go before baby sunshine is born and Logan’s official birthday we braved a fun birthday party for Logan.  Since he can’t remember his 1st birthday fiesta he helped plan and decorate his 3rd birthday party.  He wanted “race car” everything and Lightning Mcqueen we did!  Grandparents, family and lots of friends took turn after turn at the Mcqueen pinata.  When the candy poured the kids raced to pack it into their bags.  Fire Station 69 closed the party with lifts into the firetruck cab, and hugs from Smokey, the station’s dog.  It was a wonderful party and lots of fun for everyone.  Thank you Palisades Lutheran Preschool for the lovely playground.


Logan at the Lightning Mcqueen Pinata


It’s raining candy!


Baggin’ it up


My brother Damien and my sister Megan


Logan in the firetruck cab


Mason in gear


Melissa, Megan, Me and Diana
Photo by Melissa Webster