April 22, 2012

Logan and Marlo’ Big Birthday Bash

On Saturday Amy threw Logan and Marlo a birthday party at the Palisades Presbyterian Church that rivaled Logan’s first Birthday (remember the one with the Folklorica dancers and full Mariachi band?) .  At least one hundred parents and children showed up.  The music and dancing was out of control and the tacos were delicious.  There was a “Boxing Ring” bouncer and the kids went nuts knocking each other out.  We had an ice cream cart but there were so many kids we ran out of ice cream!  Sorry to those who missed out.  Here are a few pictures and a clip so you get the idea.



Loves her brother.


And he loves her …


Marlo taking a break from dancing


Amy and Liseth


The happy family.


Both kids hauled in a lot of presents.  So what did they decide to play with?  A box of course …

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