PaliTutor’s Enrichment Learning Program ® identifies the specific learning demands of K – 12 students and works with them at each developmental stage to provide a balanced learning regimen.


Our curriculum is based on encouraging students to take full advantage of the material learned in the classroom and guiding students to more creative levels of thinking and learning.

Enrichment Learning Program ®

1. Review

The first level of our program is designed for students that would benefit from additional review of classroom material. This level is for the student that is struggling with basic concepts, comprehension and skills. PaliTutor works closely with your child to rebuild confidence in areas that are essential to fully immersed classroom learning and participation.

2. Reinforce

The second level of our program is intended for students that are confident in completing classroom assignments but benefit from a more challenging academic curriculum. PaliTutor will engage your student in a broadened understanding of subject areas studied in the classroom.

3. Redirect

The third level of our program is created for students that function at an accelerated pace and are eager to learn more than the classroom allows.
This level is for the student that will benefit from independent projects designed to promote exploration and research in subject areas as well as areas of special interest. PaliTutor will encourage your student to think critically and analyze material covered in the classroom.

Oral & Written Assessment

The classroom does not necessarily define your child’s academic abilities, nor do standardized tests. It is our job to discover how and in what way your child best absorbs information and communicates what they have learned.

With PaliTutor’s free assessment we seek to understand not your child’s deficiencies, but the key to their ability to learn. It is at this point that we can begin the process of teaching your child to learn independently. Each grade assessment is aligned to State and National Standards.

Tailored Learning Program

No two children are alike. Each child learns in different ways and at different rates. But every child possesses the ability to excel and fulfill their own potential.

With this in mind and with the information we gather from our academic assessment, PaliTutor develops a step by step program to help guide your child to reach established goals and achievements.

The One-on-One Advantage

School and the classroom provide great environments for socialization as well as learning. But even the smallest student/teacher classroom ratio cannot compare to one-on-one instruction.

While many tutoring services proclaim “individual attention” while dividing instructors between 3 – 5 students, PaliTutor strictly provides one-on-one instruction. We believe that more can be accomplished in one hour of concentrated one-on-one instruction than in several hours of group learning. It is in these moments that breakthroughs happen, clarification and understanding takes place and the student reaches a higher level of learning.

Progress Reports

We believe in measurable results. Our goal is to move our students away from deficit learning to becoming active participants in daily classroom learning and activity – essentially to become free to learn. The assessment that we provide at the beginning of the program establishes benchmarks and a timetable that is revisited weekly and reported in detail to parents and teachers.