PaliTutor provides private instructional services that support and enhance classroom learning and participation. Each student is immersed into a customized learning program based on the student’s level and need.


We work closely with classroom teachers as well as parents to ensure measurable results. Below is a sampling of the subject areas we currently cover.

Reading for Life

Literacy is central to an education, essential in life and is the core and main focus of our entire program. Reading for reading’s sake, with minimal comprehension of the subject matter, however, is one of the most common problems affecting students today.

PaliTutor addresses this problem by reestablishing the foundation of essential reading elements that include phonics, vocabulary – pronunciation, function, etymology and reading fluency. Students are also encouraged to identify the elements of fiction that include genre, point of view, setting, plot, character, style and theme while reading aloud.

Writing With Style

In an age of text messaging, graphics and abbreviations the art of writing well is often neglected and overlooked. But how we communicate is as important now as it ever was. What we say and how we say it can mean the difference between success and failure.

PaliTutor works closely with students to dissect and understand the anatomy of a well written sentence, paragraph, chapter and report. Additional supporting instruction includes the correct use of grammar and sentence structure. Students are encouraged to write expressively and creatively within the guidelines of the grammatical tools they learn.

Math For Everyday

For most children, math is too abstract. It doesn’t read like a book or explain the world like a story. It isn’t colorful like a painting, lyrical like a poem or melodic like a song. And you can’t throw it. But in fact, understanding math is just like reading a book. Like a story, math explains the world around us and like reading it requires basic skills to be used.

Our math program supplements a foundation of basic math skills such as mastering multiplication, division, square and square root tables with a broadened, practical outlook of how math is used in an everyday world.

Homework | Classroom Review

There are many distractions in a classroom even in the best of learning environments. A kick under the table, a glance at the summer day outside and the explanation of a phrase or concept is lost forever. Much of what is taught in the classroom can escape even the most astute and attentive student.

At PaliTutor we feel it is essential to dedicate time each day to review classroom material and homework so that all unanswered questions are clarified and what was taught during the day is thoroughly understood. In this way students keep pace with the classroom and are better prepared to focus on what will be taught the next day.

Study Skills

After a long day at school few students are quick to reopen their text books to study. One of the main reasons is that many students do not have specific study guidelines to follow beyond opening a book and beginning to read, highlighting and memorizing. It is a process that is time consuming, laborious and largely ineffective.

PaliTutor directs students to streamline their study skills so that the process is focused with specific objectives using study techniques utilized at the college level. Techniques that enable students to extract and retain information effectively and more efficiently reduces study time (and anxiety) significantly.

Test Preparation

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of importance given to testing and the test results of quizzes, subject tests, finals and standardized tests. Some children excel at taking tests while others struggle despite possessing a thorough knowledge of the subject.

PaliTutor works closely with students to master test taking, to understand the test question objectives and to discern correct answers accordingly.


The benefits to learning new languages are numerous. Apart from the obvious such as increased linguistic skills, vocabulary and communication skills, languages broaden our understanding of the world. Children who are exposed to multiple European and Asian languages are better able to grasp other cultures and formulate a more comprehensive global point of view.

At PaliTutor, we believe that learning languages is essential to a traditional education and developing an ear for languages at an early age makes learning new languages later in life that much easier. Currently, we offer traditional European languages such as French, German, Spanish and Swedish but also Japanese and Chinese.

Summer | Holiday Learning

Even before the last day of school arrives, most kids have erased anything remotely associated with school from their minds entirely. But while most kids are finally enjoying their vacation, some continue their education, either voluntarily or not so voluntarily through camps or other learning programs.

The fact is that competition for entrance into many local middle and high schools, both private and public (Magnet Programs), is becoming increasingly selective. It is no longer distinguishable to be a straight “A” student. Some schools require ISEE test scores in the ninety ninth percentile as well as numerous other extra curricular activities and volunteer positions.

While we understand and value the importance of time off from school, to recharge and enjoy the outdoors, studies show that children who maintain even a minimal amount of study time each day during the holidays, perform significantly better during the school year than those who do not.

At PaliTutor we recommend a balanced learning regimen during the holidays, one that keeps students attuned to their study habits and skills while also enjoying the benefits of free time. Our lesson and study plans are created for families that travel, children involved in camps or simply students that need continued encouragement throughout the year.