Great Whites seem to be migrating south bound for Mexico in large numbers and have made their usual pit stop at Sunset Beach coinciding with the Grunion runs and migration of schools of larger fish.  Even though Sunset Beach is known as a “pupping ground” for Great White females, it’s highly unusual to actually see a large White.  It’s not known whether the shark below is a female.  Since this is a familiar area to them chances are it is a female.  Usually females chase off any perceived threat to their newborns before pupping.  Because as many as five other sharks have been seen in the area, I don’t think any births took place.

Despite all of this activity and the numerous opportunities for these sharks to attack scores of surfers at Sunset Beach and swimmers (including myself), there have been no reported attacks – ever!  Of course, this isn’t to say that it could never happen.  In the meantime, I swim close to shore.


Photographed from a helicopter this Great White was estimated to be 18′ but it it is probably the same 16′ that was seen previously.


Again at Sunset Beach a juvenile Great White, probably 8′, clearly not interested in the surfer.


Another juvenile. but slightly larger judging by the girth.


This 6′ juvenile was spotted off Santa Monica near Venice.