Both Sofia and Lucas were having difficulties in school.  My daughter, Sofia, is in the 4th grade at Waldorf Elementary and my son, Lucas, is in the 2nd grade at Marquez Elementary. My son was doing great in math but was below grade level in reading and writing. My daughter is a very creative learner but was struggling in general. After working with Amy for only a few months, both children’s teachers had noticed a tremendous difference. My son received an award for “ The Most Improved Student”. My daughter’s teacher sent home a note that said, “A+ in Academic Improvement”! I’m happy to say that thanks to Amy they are both on track and are more confident in their abilities.

When Amy arrives she gets right down to business. The hour she spends with each child is VERY productive. She always arrives with a happy, positive, energetic attitude.

This attitude rubs off on the children as they are happier after spending an hour with her working on their homework and extra lessons she provides for them.

I understand how it feels to have a child that is struggling and it can become a difficult situation for the family. Things have changed for us … our house is much more peaceful place at homework time! My only regret is that I didn’t hire her sooner!

Jennifer McKay
Palisades Resident

My daughter who is in 4th grade is extremely bright and skilled in many ways but math just wasn’t one of them. I tried till I was blue in the face to help her and it just wasn’t working. Amy came recommended to me by her teacher and I have no regrets. She has given my daughter confidence in math and she has actually moved up a notch in her grade. Amy has gone above and beyond when it came to accommodating my busy schedule and was so helpful in other ways including helping my younger child when she got a moment. She always went the extra mile to make sure all the tutoring needs were taken care of and always planned ahead of time.

Today March 7th 2008 my daughter gave me her 2nd report card of the year and I can officially say that my daughter’s only bad grade on her report card is no longer and I give Amy credit for bumping it up because I know it didn’t come from my efforts. Kudos to Amy!

Sue Quinn
Palisades Resident

I loved everything about Amy! She is so great because she is really nice and generous. She is generous because she helps me study for my spelling tests and makes homework easy. She brings me chocolate too! I think because of Amy she made me understand my teacher better in the classroom when he taught us new things. I would definitely recommend her to my friends if they needed a tutor because she is the best! By the way my math grade is much better now, and my overall report card is almost perfect. I know I improved so much because of her.

Kiersten Quinn
4th Grade Palisades Elementary Student