Desperately seeking disco, we headed to the Fashion District in Downtown LA.  On a normal weekday this is a challenge, but add a downpour of rain, Logan, a tall white guy wearing Crocs, a 20-minute attention span (uh that was mine), and you’ve got potential for disaster.  Needless to say, we did it!  After two tootsie pops, a bag of sliced watermelon, and many stops to “watch” as he described the battery-operated dogs, fishing games, frogs and dancing dollies, Logan hung in fairly well.  As for Sergei, he was a man on a mission needing only one stop-shop to find the perfect 70′s gear.  Everything was too short and tiny, or just even shorter and tinier for Natasha.  Finally, a stop at a bridal shop displayed the perfect dress.  The costume party celebrated Jennifer’s birthday and the dance floor, ghoulish drinks, and delicious food made it all worth it.


Sergei and Natasha (Alden and me)




Natasha and the Birthday Bride of Frankenstein

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